Daniel Champagne @ The Australian Invasion - Daniel Champagne & Catherine Britt

The Australian Invasion - Daniel Champagne & Catherine Britt, Roanoke, VA

Finally after a long two years of lockdowns and closed borders, two of Australia's biggest talents can finally return to their eagerly waiting fans in the US.

Daniel Champagne is an award winning Folk/Americana Singer/Songwriter who has relentlessly toured the world gaining a huge legion of followers. His guitar mastery is spellbinding and his heartfelt, pensive lyrics will soothe your soul. He is not to be missed.

Catherine Britt is a multi-award winning mega country star in her home country, considered one of the best female vocalists and songwriters around. She was introduced to the USA music industry by none other than Elton John and spent several years here before returning to Australia to start a family. Now she's back and ready to roll with some killer songs and great performances!